U.S. Programs

The American education system is very complex but it also offers much flexibility and many choices for students. You do not need to be a top student at the high school graduation to be accepted into the hundreds of world-recognized US universities.  As long as a student is willing to work hard, he or she could earn a degree of her choice from one of the recognized US universities. Your choice is not limited because of your matriculation grades.

At Myanmar Ivy College, we offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs from recognized US universities. We choose our programs carefully to provide flexibility and affordability to students. Our programs allow all matriculated students (not just students with high scores or distinctions) to enter the program. Of course, students who are more academically capable would be likely to earn degrees sooner. However, even less academically capable students will be able to complete their degrees with enough hard work: it may take longer time and more effort. This is the flexibility and the chance students get.

Our program is also designed so that students can complete degrees with lowest possible cost. Even with scholarships, studying in the US can be very expensive. However, the US education system provides many ways for students to cut down costs. By combining a variety of low-fee courses, exams, and credit transfers, students will be able to complete their degrees at much lower costs than if they were to study in the US.

Questions and Answers

What are the majors available?

Currently, we offer Business, IT, and other majors. This includes an MBA program. Please check our office for more updated information.

How does your system work?

Students will study the courses at Myanmar Ivy College but take the exams offered by the US universities. We select the courses based on whether they can be transferred to the US. These include credit by exam courses and online courses. A few U.S. universities allow students take the tests and receive credits for the courses passed. Some universities allow transfer of our credits.

Why do students need to take the US exams?

By taking and passing the US exams, students can be certain that all the courses they have studied will transfer to the US universities.

How long does it take?

It depends on the student’s choice of the US University and the major. Some universities allow students to complete the entire US Bachelor’s degrees in Myanmar, others do not. It is common to have business or IT majors being entirely offered in Myanmar.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the degree and whether the degree is completed in Myanmar. Please contact our office for details.

Why are there differences?

For some majors such as Business, all coursework and exams needed to graduate can be taken in Myanmar. For other majors such as engineering, most universities offer some courses only in the US.

Do I have to enroll at Myanmar Ivy to study for these degrees?

No. A student can directly enroll at the respective universities offering these degrees. However, Myanmar Ivy’s lecturers can provide tutorials and guidance throughout the program. Your chance of succeeding will be a lot higher with us guiding you throughout the program with additional preparation.

Can you guarantee that students will pass?

We can guarantee our teaching materials and standard of teaching. Passing a course also requires hard work from the student. In case a student fails a course, we provide additional tutoring at no cost. The US universities, however, may require you to pay additional exam and course registration fees.

Can you help students prepare for the English language?

Yes. We offer foundation courses. Foundation courses prepare students not only for the language test but also introduce students to academic English and study skills required to succeed in a US university. Our foundation courses run for 3-4 months.

If you do not receive the required language score, we offer additional English classes (at no cost) to help you take the exam again.

Do you provide scholarship?

Yes. At Myanmar Ivy College, we offer scholarships to outstanding students. For students going to the US, scholarships are decided by the US universities. The US university scholarship decision may depend on many factors including the grades students received at Myanmar Ivy College.