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Students can study US bachelor’s degree program courses here. There is no cost to you to self-study these courses. Please take a moment to register .

The following courses follow the Myanmar Ivy College’s syllabi for credit transfer to our partner, Fort Hays State University, Kansas, USA.

First Year

Introduction to Computer (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Introduction to Business (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
College Algebra (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Microeconomics (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Principles of Communication (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Language I (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Language II (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Macroeconomics (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
College Writing I (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
College Writing II (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)

Second Year

Statistics (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Biology (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Geology (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Business Ethics (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Psychology (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
International Business (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Calculus (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
International Finance (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Oral Communication/Presentation Skills (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)
Academic Strategies (Enroll လုပ်ပါ)

Note: students may not transfer the courses after the second year.

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